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Applied Adhesives is a Platinum Partner of HB Fuller. We work with HB Fuller to create cost-efficient, quality adhesive solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. As a longtime partner, HB Fuller creates a unique product line, solely available to our valued customers and provides excellent technical support to meet all of your adhesives needs.

Advantra Hot Melt Adhesives

Advantra® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. Uniquely patented polymer technology, ensuring clean adhesion process and superior bonding. Even at extremely high or low temperatures, the Advantra packaging adhesive line offers the sealing advantage you need.

Clarity Hot Melt

The industry leading Clarity™ hot melt container labeling adhesives have the adhesion and strength required for the challenging container labeling market.

Clean Melt Hot Melt Adhesives

Clean Melt® packaging hot melt adhesives are a family of high-performance, value-added hot melts developed with proprietary H.B. Fuller technology. The reliable performance and carefully crafted metallocene polymer formulations provide a well balanced cost/benefit ratio. A combination of high mileage, low maintenance, and powerful productivity with robust adhesion to create exceptional value.


LiquiLoc® is a new range of high performance synthetic container labeling adhesives. Applications include: Cold and wet glass bottles, dry glass bottles, PET bottles, untreated HDPE plastic containers, metallised label stock, and springy or stiff label stock.


Using Swift®tak polymer-based or natural adhesives, you can bond substrates at all speeds, satisfying demands from both operational and procurement stand points.


Swift®therm provide you with: Broad operating window to guarantee a robust application process. High stability to reduce maintenance costs. And adhesion on most difficult to bond substrates.