Major Manufacturer in Automotive Industry

Customer: Major Manufacturer in Automotive Industry

Customer Need:

With raw materials shortages becoming a major concern in the adhesives industry, more and more companies are turning to Applied Adhesives for solutions. A major manufacturer in the automotive industry was informed by its current adhesive supplier that the hot melt product they were using was no longer available due to raw material shortages.

Applied Adhesives Approach:

Applied's experts developed two comparable ASURE products, formulated using materials that were both high performing and readily available. 


Since switching the customer over to the ASURE products, Applied has developed additional products to help this customer reduce overall adhesive usage, which has helped the customer grow its business by bidding on new applications in the automotive industry. Without the Applied adhesives, the plant would have been forced to shut down and ultimately lost several of its contracts.

The end result is faster throughput and Total Cost Reduction (TCR) for the customer.


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