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HotmeltWhether it's EVA, polyamide, metallocene or a patented polypropylene polymer technology, our packaging hot melt selection is world class, with the most inclusive portfolio in the industry. From low application temperatures to conventional application temperatures, from food grade to medical grade, Applied supplies FDA, USDA and Reach-approvable Hot Melt formulas. From blast freezer properties to intense heat exposure properties, you'll find us unmatched in the range and insight we bring to our Hot Melt recommendations.

We thrive on finding new ways to help you reduce overall Hot Melt usage and picking the right product for your operations - and we deliver those answers by listening to what you want. If it's new package design, faster production speeds, reduced overall total costs or all the above, the Hot Melt we help you select will be the best answer for your specific needs.

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Additionally, Applied Adhesives offers its premiere hot melt product line, ASURE. Using some of the most refined adhesive raw materials available, ASURE is scientifically formulated to increase bond strength, improve adhesive mileage and reduce hot melt usage.

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