ASURE Hi-Speed Case and Carton Seal


ASURE® Hi-Speed Case/Carton Seal (CC9120-02)

High speed case and carton sealing.
Trouble free
Lowest density
High heat resistance.

The CC9120-02 is the premiere Applied Adhesives packaging hot melt formula. Created to alleviate raw material pressure related to EVA, wax and resin supply concerns, Applied Adhesives' patented polypropylene based adhesive also outperforms traditonal case and carton sealing products. 

The CC9120-02 is uniquely formulated with a lower density polymer enabling you to achieve at least a 12% mileage gain than typical EVA-based hot melt adhesives.  And because of it’s non-corrosive chemistry, costly charring issues are avoided, minimizing repair costs and downtime.

With the widest range of heat and cold resistance, the CC9120-02 also reduces your carbon footprint by using its superior polymer strength and low density. 


Applied _ASURE®About ASURE®


ASURE® is Applied Adhesives premiere hot melt product line. Using the some of the most refined adhesive raw materials available, ASURE® was scientifically formulated to increase bond strength, improve adhesive mileage and reduce hot melt usage.

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