ASURE Low Density Case and Carton Seal

ASURE® Low Density Case and Carton Seal (CC9200)

High speed case and carton sealing. Trouble free, multipurpose, lowest density, high heat resistance.
The CC9200 is a true metallocene packaging hot melt.

Created from the most refined raw materials used for this type of hot melt chemistry, our top of the line formula will out-perform others in this category.

When your current supplier tells you they had a raw material change, look to Applied Adhesives’ CC9200 for your metallocene needs.


Applied _ASURE®About ASURE®


ASURE® is Applied Adhesives premiere hot melt product line. Using the some of the most refined adhesive raw materials available, ASURE® was scientifically formulated to increase bond strength, improve adhesive mileage and reduce hot melt usage.

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