ProBlue Liberty™

Problue Liberty 7 14The ProBlue Liberty™ system is an integrated tankless melter and fill system that maintains adhesive levels, improving productivity while delivering adhesive, energy and maintenance savings across multiple lines.








  • Tankless design improves adhesive intensity and reduces energy consumption and adhesive char.
  • Minimizes maintenance with easy access to board fuses, quick-disconnect electrical replacement elements and front access to filter, pump and controls.
  • Shortens downtime because plug-in modules allow you to quickly add and remove hoses and guns.
  • Reduces poor bonding by minimizing adhesive temperature variation and operating as a closed system keeping out contaminants.
  • Minimizes the need to oversize a melter based on tank size because the integrated fill system provides as much adhesive that’s needed for any application.
  • Simplifies parent machine integration.

 Problue Liberty 7 Bin


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